• Alistair

Why diet and Lifestyle are important factors in fighting Prostate Cancer.

A factual one for this week. Part of the education and understanding is preventing the disease. I am always trying to battle against losing weight and have over the years been successful. This period of my life is making things a consistent part of my lifestyle, not a diet as such, but a way of life. Most of us in the team are acutely aware of the need to eat healthily and lead a positive and fulfilling life, and in the main we are fairly good........although all work and no play leads to....?

So I have most have managed to get out and about in their own time around family commitments and work. Simon went out on an early morning walk and captured a great picture of Hythe Bay See here at https://www.instagram.com/p/BuIqQLcl-SvUPJD19eSQE4pyAZ17UhWnLj1ubg0/

I have been trialling Lemon and Bicarbonate of soda which is mean to tackle gut health....

It is quite foul to taste but makes you feel 'cleaner on the inside'.

Read more about how to tackle healthily living and the dos and don'ts by reading this article page from Tackle Prostate's website http://bit.ly/Dietandlifestyle

Thanks again to all the Shepway Veterans for their commitment and drive to get out of bed and exercise in the name of Mens Health....

And finally.......well done to Mark Buck who has started running again after a few years away....despite the extreme cold I spotted you old chap...well done.....