• Alistair

Folkestone's own mini 3 Peaks

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

5/7 Shepway Veterans on a training walk and Jess the dog made an appearance

Whilst researching some walking trips, I came across this little walk, which has it all, hills and not too long if you can't spare the time.


5 out of the 7 were able to make the walk on the Sunday morning. We added an extra hill, which wasn't marked on the trail, which basically took us straight up the side of Sugarloaf hill, but we did the whole thing in 1 hour 32 mins.

At the ascent of the last hill my heart rate went up to 182 BPM. So we decided to do the same hill again! The real climb will be 3+ hours of climbing so more of this needed. Watch this space and our social platforms for more climbing training and progress.

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