Shepway Veterans, a bunch of guys over 45, raising money for men's cancer charities by completing challenges that defy logic....

Back in August 2017, I lost my father-in-law, Graham to Prostate cancer. This obviously has left a huge hole in our lives, but it has also made our family so much more aware of the issues that face men as we grow older and the very real need to ‘do something to help and make a difference’.

I decided I wanted to help, so I chatted to some close friends and we hatched a plan to form a group of over 45-year-olds who all live in or around the Shepway area……."The Shepway Veterans".  We are 7 in number from all walks of life, but all have a connection with men’s cancers, loved ones lost and battling the disease and one of our team is a survivor. 

Next was to decide what we could do that would be challenging enough to spark an interest to those around us to help promote and fundraise. Around June 2018, my wife and sister were taking part in The National 3 Peaks Challenge-3 peaks in 24 hours…..crazy! 

I thought that this could be a good starting point for a challenge…….

So I approached some more ‘friends’ whom I thought would want to put their life on hold, on the line and spend a few days away with a few like-minded men to raise money and awareness for men’s cancer charities….out of the meetings, The Shepway Veterans was born.

Our challenge as a group is to climb the 3 highest peaks in the UK, starting with Ben Nevis in Scotland, then onto Scafell Pike in England and finishing with Snowdon in North Wales.  We will endeavour to complete each climb in a fast time (comparable to the 24 hour times), but we will tackle each mountain on a new day, so 3 Peaks in 3 days. 

Some might say that this is easy?

Well, it might not be over 24 hours, but we will climb each peak with speed and the endurance required for a fast ascent/descent and then contend with the aching limbs each day thereafter.  It is a challenge nonetheless and each of the Shepway Veterans wants to achieve the climb as a personal journey and to challenge mind and body.  Some of us are scared of heights and the thought of climbing not 1, not 2 but 3 of the highest peaks in the UK is quite scary and daunting (speaking personally).

The Charity

We researched carefully and have decided to support Tackle Prostate Cancer.  Through your support, our hard work, we will be able to track exactly where your donations will be going and what support takes place. 

There will be follow up stories throughout the run-up to the event in September 2019 and afterward too.

Please help us to promote and get donations through your network of friends.

Thanks for taking the time to look and if you fancy supporting our cause and the wider issues surrounding men’s cancers, then please donate, promote and shout about our challenge…..

Every penny, pound, euro, dollar, counts and will make a difference.

Thanks in advance for your help and support.

Alistair on behalf of The Shepway Veterans.